Reversed Trike project; part motorcycle, part car, all fun.

My ideas for this trike were spawned in 1994 as a 15 year old high school sophomore.  In a drafting class project which did not really fit with the class outline, as a "goof off" project we were allowed to build CO2 propelled cars.  Everyone else went the typical Indy car/basic textbook route of building their model car.  I contemplated the typical open wheel route but saw the large rear wheels as nothing more than parachutes.  I wish I had kept my sketches to document my design evolution train of thought.  While working on the model car, I had visions of salt flat racers and I can recall thinking that this would be a great car for gas mileage with those kinds of aerodynamics.  Shortly thereafter I came into my love of motorcycles.  In my younger, "less experienced" thinking I believed that a completely enclosed motorcycle would be the way to go for gas mileage and to just be different from every other two ton four wheeler on the road.  Wisdom took over 10 years ago and I began thinking about something more comfortable than a motorcycle, something still maintaining the efficiency of my prior thoughts, but possibly three wheeled.  When someone thinks of three wheeled vehicles immediately they think two wheel rear and a single front wheel.  Having ridden a threewheel ATV, golfcart, tricycle, etc. I knew (although, then, I did not understand as clearly as I do now) that if there were two directional wheels in front with one rear drive wheel it would be much more stable.  This would also depart from what is typical; I do not like to follow; I like to lead, I do not want to copy what has been done; I want to innovate.  I am sure that many will compare my efforts to the Sub3Wheeler or think that I am following in their footsteps, and truly their work made me feel beat to the punch line, but it has also given me invigoration to move forward.

This old model has sat on my desk for a dozen years all that time inspiring me to build an efficient, well planned commuter vehicle.




Check back soon for updates.