Wildlife Care Alliance is dedicated to fostering excellence in the care of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Wildlife Care Alliance began in 1998 as a group of permitted wildlife rehabilitators and concerned citizens working together to benefit native Virginia wildlife. We are a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers serving the Southwestern Virginia area. As a tax-exempt organization, we can accept much needed donations so that we can provide even better care for wildlife. Our goal is to establish a network of help for each other and to increase public awareness of the value of wildlife as well as the need for habitat conservation in our rapidly growing area.

We strive to provide the public with professional quality wildlife care. Our organization can be contacted through The Wildlife Center of Virginia hotline between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM (EST) at 540-942-9453.

We are driven by our desire to return wildlife to their native habitats where they can fulfill their natural role in the environment. We believe this is also a much needed community service to our fellow man. It is a pleasurable service filled with soaring and humbling experiences.

The members of Wildlife Care Alliance can provide quality care to orphaned, injured or at risk wildlife. We also maintain a close working relationship with the veterinarians and staff at the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro. Sometimes animals in need of surgery or extensive medical treatment are transported to this state of the art center after initial triage and stabilization by the wildlife rehabilitators in our group.

Each wildlife rehabilitator must hold a state permit issued by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Those of us who work with migratory birds must also hold a federal permit issued by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Our organization currently has many state permits and various federal permits. Our permit conditions require us to have local veterinarian sponsors so that proper medical care can be given to our wild patients. In order to renew our permits each year, we must attend at least six hours of continuing education in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. We attend classes, seminars and conferences that continually further our knowledge and skills in this new and changing profession. Those members of our group who are not permitted assist with a variety of activities such as transport, answering phone calls, and public relations endeavors.

Our group of dedicated, talented and experienced volunteers serves a geographic area encompassing a 50 mile radius from Bedford including 20 counties. We provide the rapidly growing communities of Roanoke, Bedford, and Lynchburg with much-needed assistance in the rehabilitation and release of our native wildlife. Our reputation is expanding to Danville, Martinsville, Blacksburg and Lexington as well. We plan to continue to grow and share our expertise and knowledge with all of southwestern Virginia.

Our team currently includes:

  • 10 Permitted Rehabilitators who care for wildlife in their homes. Our network allows our individual rehabilitators to specialize in one or two species thus providing a higher quality of care than if each one of us worked with multiple species.

  • 10 Category IIA VA DGIF Permits

  • 4 Federal Permits to Rehabilitate Migratory Birds

  • 9 local Veterinarians that provide specialized professional service

  • About 20 Volunteer Transporters who log thousands of miles per year

Our team of dedicated volunteers handles intake and care for around 1,500 injured, sick or orphaned wild animals each year. These volunteers also run a Hotline available to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week 365 days a year. Additionally our volunteers provide various teaching and training opportunities such as public education programs, apprentice wildlife rehabilitator training, hotline classes, and new volunteer or potential wildlife rehabilitator recruiting.

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